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Use the contact information to the right to contact us or browse through the “Frequently Asked Questions” for answers to the most common issues.

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  • Within US:  800-253-2350 – Option 2
  • International:  +1 978-688-0044


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Matthew Ferrara Learning Network?

The Matthew Ferrara Learning Network is an online VIDEO learning library helping agents and brokers in the Real Estate industry learn about technology, social media and modernizing their talents. It is powered by Matthew Ferrara, a driving force for evolution in the real estate industry. His mission has been to revolutionize the business by empowering brokers to create consumer-centric companies that meet the needs of modern buyers and sellers. He has used his knowledge and expertise to teach the Real Estate Industry about technology, social media and the like. Now, all of this knowledge has been collected into VIDEOS inside the Matthew Ferrara Learning Network. Enjoy!

How do I change my password?

From the top menu, click on “Profile”. Underneath the ‘User Information’ section is the ‘Password Information’ area. Under this section is where you can change your password. In the box labeled “Enter Current or New Password”, clear your existing password and type your NEW password. Type this NEW password again in the box below the first one labeled “Repeat Password”. Once finished, click “Click to Update” and your password will be changed.

Where is the Navigation Bar and what’s on it?

The Navigation bar is located at the top of your screen, and it will appear once you’ve logged into your account. You will use this bar to access different areas of the site.
Home: The Home button will take you back to the member home page on the Learning Network.
Channels: Mouse over the Channels button to show a dropdown list of all channels on the Matthew Ferrara Learning Network
– All Videos: List of all video content on the Learning Network
– Latest Videos: List of the 10 most recent videos posted
– Learning Lists: Lists of videos preselected by Matthew to help you achieve a specific business goal
– Topics: Alphabetical list of general topics in which the videos are grouped
– Agents: Videos pertaining to agent skills
– Ask Matt: All Videos is the ‘Ask Matt’ series
– Full Courses: List of full video series which teach you a skill
– Live Archive: Recorded live video sessions with Matthew
– Managers: Videos pertaining to managers/management skills
– Social Networking: Videos pertaining to social media and social networking
– Technology: Videos content pertaining to popular software and hardware
Resources: Non video resources to help you learn.
– Ask Matt: The ‘Ask Matt’ feature of the website which allows you to ask Matthew questions
– Blogs: Textual blog entries which help teach you specific tips & tricks
– Handouts: PDF documents that accompany a video or skill
– Podcasts: Audio recordings of interviews/blog postings
– Your favorites: Manage and view your favorite videos
Live: The Live Button will take you to the live broadcast player.
– Archive will display all recorded live sessions with Matthew
– Calendar will display all upcoming events in a monthly calendar format
– Watch Now! will take you to the live broadcast player
Ask Matt: The Ask Matt button takes you to the “Ask Matt” feature of the website. This feature allows you to ask Matthew questions which he will answer privately and may use them in a future video lesson.
Profile: The Profile button will display your account information. This is where you can update your contact information and change your password.
Support: You are here
Search Bar: The Search Bar can be used to specify what topic or video you’d like to see. Type in your word/message to find all related content in the Learning Network.

How do I play a video?

First, locate the video you wish to watch either by using search bar or by clicking on a video entry on the member homepage. Once you’re on that video’s page, click on the play button in the viewing area and the video will begin playing.

How do I sign in?

To sign into your Matthew Ferrara Learning Network account, visit the website and then click on the “Login” button in the top right menu. Enter your login credentials and click on the Login button. You will automatically be brought to the member homepage.

What if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password, type in your email address in the Email field and then click on the Forgot Password link beneath the login box. Your password will automatically be sent to your email. To visit the login box, visit and then click on the “Login” button in the top right menu.
What is the Upcoming Live Events box?
The Upcoming Live Events box is located on the Member Homepage and it displays upcoming LIVE Broadcasts with Matthew Ferrara. Visit the LIVE page during the date and time of any live event and watch the broadcast!

How do I change my login information?

To change your login information, first log into your account and then click on the “Profile” button in the top navigation bar. In the User Information box, you can change your email and/or password. If you change your password, be sure to enter it in both the “enter new password” and “repeat password” boxes. Once finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the update button.

How do I rate a video?

To rate a video, click on any video post to display that video’s information. Under the Rate this Entry section in the upper right corner of the page, mouse over and select the number of stars you wish to rate the video, then click to submit your rating.

How can I share a video to my facebook account?

To share a video, click on any video post to display that video’s information. Under the Share this Entry section in the upper right corner of the page, click on the method you wish to share the video (ie, by email, by Facebook, by LinkedIn). If you are sharing the video using a social networking site, enter your login credentials in the new window that appears, and then share the video with your social network.

What’s the difference between Newest Videos and Recent Live Broadcasts?

Newest Videos shows the most recent how-to or skill building video released by the Learning Network. Newest Videos is updated on a weekly basis. Recent Live Broadcasts shows the recorded LIVE sessions hosted by Matthew Ferrara. See the Upcoming Live Events schedule on the Member Homepage for a list of upcoming live broadcasts with Matthew.

What is on the Live Page?

The Live page can be accessed by clicking on the “Live” button from the top navigation bar. The Live page is split into two screens: on the left is the viewing area where you can watch the live broadcast. On the right is the Ask Matt chat feature where you can type questions or comments to Matthew LIVE on the air. Below the 2 top boxes are the upcoming events and the past live events (live archive video).

What is a video course?

A video course is an organized playlist of educational video content demonstrating a skill building technique or a technology/software how-to guide. For example, Facebook 101 is designed for beginners using Facebook and explains the key functionality to the Facebook environment.

How do I search for a video?

To search for a video, click in the search bar located on the right, just below the navigation bar. Type in your keyword and then click on the GO button to the right of the search box. You will automatically be taken to the results page where you can click on a video or blog entry that you wish to view.

What is Related Content?

The Related Content box appears at the bottom right of any video you play. It shows you other video content related to the video you are currently watching. To access a related video, simply click on an entry in the Related Content box.

How do I comment on a video?

To comment on a video, open the video entry. Beneath the viewing area, click within the box with the text “type your comment here” and enter in your comment. Once you’ve finished typing, click on the Post As button. Make sure GUEST is selected, and then type in your email address and name, then click Post Comment. Once your comment is approved, it will appear beneath that video for other members to see.

How do I unsubscribe?

To cancel, simply send an email with your Full Name and Login Email Address, to Your payments will immediately be stopped and you will receive a confirmation email of your cancellation. For support, call 800-253-2350 option 2

Will I receive a receipt for my subscription payment?

Yes! Each time a transaction is processed (monthly or annual subscriptions), you will receive a receipt by email. Add as a “safe sender” in your email so your receipt isn’t marked as spam!