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Cool Apps

Matthew reviews some cool mobile apps for Real Estate professionals

Duration: 0:00  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: REALTORS, Smartphones, Technology


Improve Your Bio with Stories

Matthew explains how to tell stories about ourselves that help us attract business

Duration: 0:00  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: Leadership, REALTORS, Strategic Thinking


Research: First Time Home Buyers

Matthew reviews some surprising data from the NAR on first time home buyers

Duration: 2:12  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: Buyers, REALTORS, Research


Research: How Sellers Select Agents

Matthew reviews research on how sellers selected their real estate agents and how to focus our marketing

Duration: 2:21  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: Marketing, REALTORS, Research, Sellers


Research: Buyers Distance Moved

Matthew highlights research on how far the typical buyer moved last year

Duration: 2:10  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: Buyers, REALTORS, Research


International Buyers

Matthew reviews the international buyer market last year in the United States

Duration: 4:57  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: Buyers, REALTORS, Strategic Thinking


Research: Why Sellers Move

The more we know about why sellers enter the marketplace, the easier it is to construct our marketing plan

Duration: 2:34  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: Marketing, REALTORS, Research, Sellers


Research: What Buyers Want on Websites

Research from the NAR on what features buyers are looking for when going to your website

Duration: 2:35  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: Buyers, Consumers, Research, Technology


Social Media Marketing Trends

Matthew highlights the major trends that are shaping social media marketing this year

Duration: 8:41  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: Marketing, REALTORS, Research, Social Networking


Research: Buyers Finding Agents

When we discover where buyers are finding their agents, we can further optimize our marketing strategy

Duration: 0:00  |  Channel: Agents
Topics: Buyers, Marketing, REALTORS, Research