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Deliver great training 24/7 to every agent, manager and staff at your company with our Company Plan! Now everyone at your company can enjoy unlimited access to live events, on-demand video libraries and other member benefits. Make every day a professional development opportunity with all of our powerful features:

» World class LIVE training every month on Learning Network TV
» 24/7 on-demand training clips for fast skill development
» Energize sales meetings and training classes by incorporating video clips
» Help agents, managers and staff leverage the latest sales, marketing, social networking and technology trends
» Educates agents about industry news, consumer trends and market opportunities
» Complement new agent training and create recruiting opportunities

Let Matthew Ferrara’s Learning Network deliver a whole year of continuing live events, on-demand training and strategic insights for your entire company!

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    Chart Explained – Social Moms

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    5 Minute Meeting – Reacting Fast

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    Gen Y and Open Houses

  • How NOT to Shoot Video

    How NOT to Shoot Video

  • Great Salespeople are Everywhere

    Great Salespeople are Everywhere